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How Emetophobia Eraser Defines Emetophobia

Emetophobia is the fear of vomiting and effects thousands of people all over the world. It is a fear that is not always recognised as a medical condition and as a result those who are unfortunate to be a sufferer, will go to extreme lengths to control or mask their phobia. Without doubt, emetophobia can radically change a person’s life and have negative effects on the quality of their life style. The following examples are some of the many noted symptoms and behaviours that emetophobia is recognised […]

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Treating Emetophobia

Emetophobia is a phobia which is recognised as a medical condition. The fear of vomiting can now be considered as a life debilitating phobia which can be controlled with effective treatment methods. There are various treatments which can help sufferers lead a more normal life but before any form of treatment can be considered, it is fundamental that the patient is willing to admit there is a problem. Hypnosis is perhaps the most effective way to treat and overcome emetophobia. The person is literally taken back to […]

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Living With Emetophobia

Emetophobia is the fear of vomiting and for those unfortunate to suffer from it, living with the condition can create some life changing hurdles. In an attempt to avoid being sick, sufferers of emetophobia will go to some extremes in order to prevent themselves from vomiting. Such extremes may include restricting what they eat, therefore changing their diet, prevention of becoming pregnant if female, and avoiding social situations that may lead to vomiting. An emetophobic will go to such lengths to train their body to not be […]

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