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Coping With the Fear of Vomiting

The fear of vomiting is indeed a recognisable phobia which can be extremely distressing for those unfortunate to suffer from it. It almost sounds absurd to think that a person can actually stress out and be afraid to vomit or even see another person puking up. But it is in fact a genuine condition that has gained medical recognition. If you are one of those who has been diagnosed with having the puking phobia known as emetophobia, you are not likely to brag about it. In fact, […]

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What Causes the Fear of Vomiting?

The fear of vomiting is known as emetophobia. Its name is derived from the Greek word “emesis” and phobia pertains to an illogical fear of an object or situation. Emetophobes suffer from either the fear of vomiting, the vomit itself, or those around them who may be vomiting. Even something as visual as a photo or TV program expressing the act of vomiting can trigger intenes fear or anxiety in the sufferer. It isn’t exactly known what causes this fear in some people but it is considered […]

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The Patient and the Unusual Phobia

Fear, along with death, is one of the great equalizers of human existence. Everyone is afraid of something, just as everybody is eventually going to die, which puts everyone on a level footing. However, the same can’t be said for someone who has to endure a phobia, fear is less of an equalizer and more of an inhibitor, taking away a person’s ability to function. For some people, their phobia is perfectly reasonable and may appear to be little more than a magnified manifestation of a natural […]

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